About Me

I am a young patient  activist, speaking openly about life with mental illness and autism. My activism includes public speaking, trying to affect change in mental health and/or autism services by contributing to relevant organisations, panels, committees and executive boards. I hope to break down misconceptions, stereotypes and stigma relating to mental illness and autism, and to create a future where mental health services are fit for purpose.

Want to hear me speak? Curious about my story? Think I could help you or your organisation to understand mental health and/or Autism?

Get in touch; Mair.elliott97@gmail.com


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Mair Elliott

Young Patient Activist 

Honest, open and authentic talk about the day-to-day living with Mental illness and Autism.

Public speaking   Activism   Blogging   Real talk   Media work   Patient-led research   Consultancy


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"Mair has undergone some of the most challenging things  that anyone can face in life... She has put that behind her and is now in the position where she has demonstrated to others that there is a significant positive outcome if you manage you recovery...she's not only come out and talked about her own health but she's looked at improving the outcomes for people in the future."  - Alun Thomas, CEO of Hafal


The choices and actions you take everyday matter! 

The principle of self-care is to make decisions and take actions to maintain your own health and wellness, whether that is to schedule in some exercise, eat a balanced diet, or take time to yourself to relax. And no, before you think it; self-care is not selfish, it's necessary to maintain mental and physical health. The 'rat-race' of modern society is great for pushing your career forward, but not so friendly to your basic needs. Re-directing your focus on to self-care can help you to get that all important work-life balance. 


Embracing your whole self - warts and all!

Are you ready for this? - You are human, with talents, flaws and everything in between. Self acceptance is the practice of accepting yourself as a whole, not just the good things but the not so good things too. It's not about trying to fix everything, or trying to compete with who has the best life, or shame, guilt, boasting or flaunting. It is simply being able to say, 

"This is me - I am comfortable with who I am" 


Being in the here and now; not letting the past and future affect the present moment

Mindfulness - all the western craze at them moment - is rooted in the spiritual practices of Buddhism. But guess what it doesn't have to be this big event that you brag about to your 'unenlightened friends' everyday. You can make your cup of tea mindfully, or take a mindful shower - it's not abut sitting cross legged on a yoga matt. The basic principle is to 'be present', allow your thoughts to flow through your mind, allowing them to pass with no judgement or investigation. To not get hooked on what has happened or what is going to happen - two thought patterns that can be anxiety inducing.     


It's okay to not be okay!

We all get bad days, that's life! And we shouldn't be psycho analysing ourselves to the point of oblivion. However, sometimes we realise we really do need help - it's okay to ask for help. Going to your GP, reaching out to a friend, finding some good info are all ways to get help. 

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