• Mair Elliott

21st Century

Spinning, onward, forward.

Announcements of progression,

the world on fast-forward.

Success and succession

hypnotise the sleep deprived.

Screens fuel fabrication,

appearance becomes derived.

Anti-depressant nation;

joy is monetized.

News with no facts.

The electronically socialized;

online hate distracts.

Let’s all be nuclear

so we don’t bomb each other.

Political intention unclear,

respect doesn’t matter.

Infinite knowledge in our hands;

In the connection era

selective ignorance demands.

Let’s all look like Cinderella!

Keep up, don’t miss out;

“earn more and you’ll be happy!”

Can’t switch off, can’t tune out.

Be perfect or get therapy.

Social movements, social mobility.

Unheard voices have more say.

Foodbanks and instability

Education, if you pay.

Driven to materialism,

tech companies impose.

Addicted to sensationalism,

fad diets, and airbrushed photos.

‘Natural’ is not in fashion.

“Don’t be yourself, be better”.

What happened to ‘compassion’?

This is my open letter;

21st century toxicity,

corruption, disruption, disconnection.

We’ve lost authenticity.

Overworking spreading like infection.

Unhappiness behind screen smiles.

Innocent too easily misled.

No variation in lifestyles.

Honesty appears to be dead.

21st century promises everything

but an insidious system

doesn’t give anything.

Lifeless electrical ecosystem

plays you like a puppet;

hanging from cable and wires,

a noose we secretly covet.

Habitats burn in fires,

the temperature increases.

But that doesn’t matter,

biodiversity in pieces,

as long as you have power.

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