• Mair Elliott

A homage to my Teddy

It has been nearly 22 years,

never leaving my side.

Adventures, giggles, tears,

we’ve been through it all.

You’ve been sewn, patched up,

your stuffing is has migrated,

washed, when I threw up.

You’ve even got my first

swimming badge holding

vital seams together.

With me as life’s unfolding.

A christening present,

my welcome to the world.

Although, then, my body

in white lace furled,

you were the same size as me.

With me each night

as I slip into a slumber;

you protect me until it’s light.

As I see you now, fragile,

bolding, worn out,

my fears are cast out,

replaced by deep connection.

I see all the times I’ve

cradled you, held you close,

in order to survive.

I see you with me,

everywhere, all the places

we’ve been side by side.

I recall the affectionate faces

of those whom we are close to.

My Teddy,

You are a part of me,

a part I don’t know

how to live without.

With love, I will sew

up your fragile body.

I will cradle you,

hold you close.

Stroke the soft spot

on the back of your head

as I have always done.

It is my time to take care of you,

as you have taken care of me.

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