• Mair Elliott

But you are..

But you are a woman.

You can’t run business like a man.

We don’t care for your intellect,

Only a perfect body we expect.

But you are a young person.

You can’t have an opinion.

You don’t care about politics.

You shouldn’t expect us to listen.

But you are autistic.

You’re all weird and robotic.

You don’t have value or dreams,

There’s no sense in your screams.

But you are an adult.

To mess things up is an insult.

You can’t play like a child,

Or allow yourself to run wild.

But you are mentally ill.

You can’t have free will.

You can’t be good or successful.

Being around you is stressful.

But you are a scientist.

You can’t also be an artist.

You shouldn’t be spiritual,

Your religion is numerical

But I am a human,

Young or old, Man or woman,

You don’t get to say what I can or cannot do.

Arbitrary labels coming from you

Don’t set my nature in stone.

We are all made of the same flesh and bone.

And yet we divide and judge,

Blame, conquer, begrudge.

I for one will not follow suit

And fall into this ridiculous disrepute.

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