Sources :

(1) Welsh Government (2018) St Davids Awards 2018.

(2) Hafal (2016) Youth Work Excellence Awards 2016 nomination video.

(3) Cerebra (2016) Cerebra annual conference.

(4) Welsh Government (2020) Future GenX 2020.



Examples of my work 

Take a look at some of the work I have done over the years; 


In 2015 I worked with ITV Wales and S4C to create two, one welsh language and the other english language, current affairs programme on mental health services in Wales. The welsh language programme won a BAFTA Cymru award. You can find english language version here; 


I am a trustee for Wales' largest third sector service provider for people with serious mental illness and their families, Hafal. In 2015/16 myself and colleagues at Hafal ran a consultation called Making Sense looking into the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Wales, read more here;

Guest blog posts for Cerebra;

My listicle, titled '9 things people don't tell you about living with Aspergers', for Buzzfeed UK can be found here;

A welsh language interview for BBC Wales about the importance of mental health services;

I won the 'Making a Difference Award' at the Youth Work Excellence Awards 2016;


In 2017 I did a TEDx Talk for TEDxODED. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share the talk but I can share the webpage with the speaker bios;

A welsh language blog post for Mind;

I won the NASEN Youth achievement award;


25th of April - I spoke at Health Inspectorate Wales' event for peer and lay reviewers of health care services in Wales. I spoke about the importance of accountability and responsibility in healthcare to ensure that patients get the best they deserve, tying in the role of independent inspector and reviewers. Tweets from the event  can be seen on the HIW Twitter page and scrolling to the 25th of April.  

8th of March - I spoke alongside Dr Will Mandy about the comorbidity of Autism and Anorexia Nervosa at the National Autistic Society professional conference  2018. Network Autism filmed a video and have written a transcript of Dr Mandy and myself discussing the current thoughts and theories of comorbid Autism and Anorexia Nervosa;

I wrote an entry for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Spring 2018 newsletter on a rights based approach in mental health services. My entry can be found on pages 23-27;

I won the 2018 St David Award for Citizenship, see more here;

14th of June - I spoke at Gloucestershire Constabulary's Autism Event. This talk was focussed on how officers can support an autistic person when they come into contact, I spoke of my personal experience of requiring police intervention during mental illness crises, an what officers should be aware of when they know a person they are dealing with has autism.

I worked with ITV Wales to create a current affairs programme on Eating Disorders, watch the programme here;

29th of June - I spoke at Manchester University's Mental health and education conference about my experience of mental health services and education, what are the current issues young people face when trying to access mental health services whilst still in education, and what an ideal future could look like in terms of the interface between health services and education.

24th of September - I spoke at the Mental health and Policing conference in Cardiff. This talk was about my personal experience of police intervention during a mental illness crisis and how police officers attending to someone in crisis can help. 

25th of October - I spoke that the Health Care Research Wales Conference in Cardiff My topic of discussion was how research  affects the people accessing health services on the front line. You can see my presentation and hear my talk here; 

30th of November - The National Autistic Society held their Women and Girls conference in London. I spoke about the comorbidity of autism and eating disorders, sharing my story and discussing the current theories and research on this topic.  



28th of January - I delivered a session to the Devon autism service  for both professionals and parents on the link between Autism and eating disorders, building on my own personal experience. 

2nd of February - I ran some workshops at the National Student Psychiatry conference on the topic of 'What young people really need from CAMHS'. 

I won the 'Special achievement award' alongside 4 other young people at the British Education Awards 2019.

10th of October - Delivered a speech at the Talking Mental Health conference, Cardiff


12th-14th of November - Master of Ceremonies at the European Patient Forum Congress, Brussels




6th of January - Delivered a speech at the Welsh Government Future Generations XChange coference, International Conference Centre, Newport 

I have a book coming out in 2021, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, consisting of essays from autistic people about their experiences of mental health difficulties and being autistic.